Maintaining and managing our website has many jobs and duties that have been growing daily. We are now seeing that there is limited time for us to find or create new content. Since this is such an important factor to our website, we have reached out to you for help in providing us with that. Here is a list of what we are looking for and would use:

Published articles relevant to our websites categories:

– Spirituality, Finances, Health, Relationships (all of which have a spiritual base)

Original articles written by you:

– Must be similar to our published articles on the website (nothing too personal, nothing too opinionated that could be taken wrong, nothing vulgar/racial/demeaning/crude/ political/overly religious/sexual etc.)

– If you are submitting anything that contains facts, please include all resources

– 1,000 words max

– By submitting your article you give us permission to use your written work, and edit it for grammatical errors and sentence structures, if needed

– If your work is chosen, your name will be published with it, and you have full rights to share it as you wish

Videos with content pertaining to our categories, to be posted on social media sites, including Youtube

eCards with quotes that are similar to those that we have posted. We would like any and all that are relevant to our categories

eCards that you have made with James Redfield quotes

Discussion questions that we would use for the radio show, and in our weekly emails. They should also pertain to our categories. You can reference any of our previously used questions by checking out our Listen Live page

Content pertaining to Young Living Oils, Life Extension Foundation, Chopra Online, Site Build It, and Vitamix (this is an essential category that we really need more material on):

– Articles, videos, eCards, etc that are informational and overall showcase the good value of their products/services, as we are trying to promote a healthy, spiritual lifestyle with the most natural, organic, and holistic methods. We could really use some of these with good recipes as well. (Anything you submit will need to be positive content.)

– To see what we have posted about these and for more information, please go to live-better/

If you need any reference material you can view anything that’s on our website. We have also used content from www.mercola.comwww., and Please be aware that not everything submitted will be used, and some of it may be saved for a later use. If your original submissions have been chosen and published, we will notify you. Feel free to send anything that may not be on this list, but you strongly feel is relative content. All submissions should be sent to Autumn Hankins, at She will be managing and viewing all volunteer content for possible publication.

We are extremely excited and look forward to your assistance in growing our website. Thank you again for all your loving effort!

James and CV Team