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James Redfield

I grew up a searcher. From an early age, I can remember desiring a more complete answer to life’s more puzzling questions. Sure, everyone knows we have to grow up, find a way to make a living, take care of our kids, and seek a better world. But there were larger questions, and no one was talking about them: Why are we here in this life in the first place? And why is life, at times, so hard? Read More

Salle Redfield

I am an author, the co-founder of The Global Prayer Project, a Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara certified life coach, and a graduate of the University of Alabama. I have been a partner in marriage, publishing, and life with James Redfield for over 20 years. Read More


kelly1cwebKelly Redfield

– DIRECTOR AND CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR – Kelly is James’ daughter. She keeps us all in line over here at Camp Celestine, including James, who would otherwise play a lot more golf. 😆 Three years ago Kelly worked with James to create the concept of www.celestinevision.com. She has a hand in everything we do. When she isn’t writing, scheduling, making phone calls, cheering on her Dad, and making the office look nice, she is making sandwiches for us, taking care of her beautiful daughters and traveling. Check Kelly’s Story: Finding Direction and Finding Direction Part 2.


candella2– COMMUNITY COORDINATOR AND CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR – While searching for Celestine groups on Facebook, Kelly stumbled upon a group Candella founded to support like-minded people who wanted to discuss the Celestine Prophecy Books (Celestine Prophecy Insight Chatting).  James and Kelly were impressed by the atmosphere and content Candella provided to her group and asked Candella to write articles on celestinevision.com.  Her understanding of the Facebook groups’ member needs has allowed her to help refine the ideas that will become the next step for celestinevision.com – The CV Community!  A few months ago Candella officially excepted the position of Celestine Vision’s Community Coordinator and she works closely with the CV team to prepare the admin volunteers.  Once the CV Community is live, Candella will lead group discussions and work with the other moderators to help answer questions and guide your community experience! CHECK OUT CANDELLA’S STORY

Autumn Hankins


Autumn helps the CV team by writing (articles and community content), organizing and answering emails, and making posts to our social media pages. When she is not busy derailing our meetings 🙂 with idealisms, picking James mind, getting him off topic or looking for electronics’ chargers, she is brainstorming new content ideas, making coffee, taking care of her wonderful daughter and son, and daydreaming about Italy.

Autumns Story.. Coming Soon!

AmandaAmanda Salsman

– SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRIBUTOR AND EDITOR-   When James and Kelly asked Candella if she knew anyone who could help provide content to our readers, Candella immediately knew that Amanda was the perfect person for the job. Amanda had been contributing to the Celestine Prophecy Insight Chatting Facebook group in such a way that we quickly saw what Candella had seen; she would be a natural fit for the Celestine Team! Today, Amanda provides content for the Celestine Vision Facebook Page, curating and writing articles that are informational and inspiring, and also comes up with new ideas for the website and new CV Community Area. We are so pleased with the work she is doing, and can’t wait to see what she has in store for all of us! CHECK OUT AMANDA’S STORY: TOGETHERNESS

JimJim Roper 


Jim has taken on the seemingly impossible task of making the CV Website and Community Area come to life online. He has picked up all of the 5×7 index cards scattered all over the office floor and turned them into real, tangible web pages that help us to beautifully and efficiently display James’ work. He took one look at all of the Photoshop mock-ups that Kelly made in the wee hours of the night and turned them into what you see today on https://www.celestinevision.com.   Jim works with James to produce his Celestine Community Radio Show Podcast and the new CV Community videos!   It’s not easy having two James’s in the office, but we couldn’t get by without either one of them. 🙂

Jim’s Story.. Coming Soon!


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