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The Celestine Prophecy


A New Edition of CP will be available on September 18, 2018 — with a new “Breakthrough” Afterword.


By James Redfield

It’s been somewhat of a secret, but last spring, I received a CALL from my editor.

“SOMETHING IS HAPPENING WITH THE CELESTINE PROPHECY!” She said. “Internet chatter indicates it’s suddenly being passed around out there at higher levels—apparently by two new generations.”

She continued. “We want to re-release the book with a NEW EDITION for all the new readers… and with an extensive Afterword on how to “live the Insights,” written by you.

“What do you think?”

I knew what she was telling me was a GREAT SIGN. Ever since the book first came out, it has been regarded as a measure of how many people were tuning into “Authentic Spirituality.”— meaning a spirituality beyond mere “believing” by faith, and based on pursuing the specific “experiences” that prove spirituality is real — and “life-enhancing.”

And if millennials and their older children are beginning to adopt the book, it isn’t a complete surprise. These two generations are both huge, and together already represent the majority of humans on Earth. And both groups are in mass reaching the age where one asks the “Big Questions” about life.

The leading bulk of Millennials are moving past thirty, where the sometimes harsh reality of making a living and raising children demands solutions. CP addresses these issues.

And many are reaching the key “life stage” age of APPROACHING FORTY— where one looks at life, and asks, “I’m getting older, what do I really want to do with my life? What about those feelings in my youth that I was here to do something important? How can I break through to a more inspired existence?”

“What do you think?” My editor asked again. “What are you going to put in the Afterword?”

“The truth,” I replied. “How to hang on to the higher experiences they read about in The Celestine Prophecy and other books.


ALL OF THAT, of course, was last spring, and as we now reach the Date of the Re-release, September 18, 2018, the afterword has been finished – focusing on applying the new spiritual abilities that I believe are coming into human awareness.

The Afterword is 29 pages long and begins this way:

“So…You’ve read The Celestine Prophecy. What happens next?… You realize that the book is a vision of how human life can evolve in the future —after all, the book IS a prophecy — but readers also have questions.
Is this Celestine future possible, given the contentious state of modern life? And are the Spiritual Experiences depicted in the book actually available to all of us? The answer to both questions is Yes…”

There’s more about how to break-through to your best Self:

“We figured out that…emotional hurts… anger and anxiety from the past are very difficult just to get over, no matter how much we talk about them..
These hurts have to be replaced with a more transcendent and inspired “New Self” that allows people to let go of their old defensive habits and move forward.”

The afterword argues that, with the energy of the new generations, we are ready to move from Insight to Ability to sustain higher awareness:

“In the following pages, I want to offer…proven suggestions for living and integrating all the key Experiences that make up an inspired life…
You can increase your Synchronicity, Your Higher Intuitive Connection…Your Good Karma
… You can heal Relationships, discover a life-inspiring Sense of Mission, a stronger Power of Intention, and INTEGRATE them all into an Enhanced, Purposeful life.”

And there is a lot more on what I’ve learned that is applicable now!

Here is what I believe we all can do:

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