Please find below details of our coaching and mentoring services, including packages available and the prices you can expect to pay. Please note that we ask that all new clients participate in a free, no-obligation Discovery call with one of our coaches as our first step, enabling you to ask questions and determine the best service for you.

 Discovery Session delivered via Telephone (US Only) or by Zoom Application. 

Celestine Life Coaching with Kelly Redfield

Celestine Life Coaching with Kelly Redfield

My Celestine Life Coaching Program gives attention to the “whole-life” (body, heart, and mind) and encourages problem-solving by acquiring new practices and language that will help you face your life concerns and reach your goals. Additionally, I will work with you to help integrate the 12 Celestine Insights into your daily life and deepen your Spiritual experiences.

An Integral Life Coaching Program is a coach/client partnership, in which we work together with mutual freedom of expression to develop your skills and competencies that will support self-correcting, self-generating, long term satisfaction, and inspiration. I work together with you, as a team, adhering to the Celestine values, to uncover your most Conscious and spiritually nurturing life.



  •  Enjoy One Hour Life Coaching Session
    + 30 minute follow-up Empowerment Plan.
  •  Choose from a variety of focus topics to develop with Kelly. 
    ie. 1-12 Celestine Insights, Life Mission, Achieving a Goal, Personal Relationships, Healing Past Wounds, Personal Development with the Enneagram, etc..

A great choice for your first step into life coaching or for coaching support as needed.


$350 PER MONTH, 6 month minimum

  • Kelly will work with you to create and deliver a 6-8 month plan to uncover your highest level of inspiration energy and life satisfaction.
  • We will meet twice a month for one hour of personal life coaching sessions. 
  • Enjoy online access to our coaching platform, providing you with easy instant access to your coaching notes, plans, and journal.
  • Includes weekly email checkins.
  •  Life Coaching delivered via Telephone or by Zoom Application. 

Celestine Mentoring

Celestine Mentoring

Our Celestine Mentors have trained with the Celestine Vision Team to conduct personal, hourly sessions with individuals who are ready to consciously reflect on their experiences; and, employ the Celestine Insights to live more authentic lives.

We believe YOU have the answers you seek, the power to change and improve your situation, and the ability to eliminate negativity in your life. Our Mentors have a gift of offering you a safe, compassionate environment to find the solutions and resources inside yourself. 

You are not alone in this journey of life, and we are people who genuinely care. Celestine Mentors dedicate themselves to empowering you by reminding you of the spark within. 


$70 per hour

  • One Hour Celestine Mentoring Session 
  • Enjoy one session of one-on-one Mentoring for 1 hour as needed. 
    Mentoring delivered via Telephone or by Zoom Application. 
  • A great choice for your first step into Life Coaching or for Mentoring support as needed.


$130 PER MONTH (4 Month Minimum)

  • One Hour Celestine Mentoring Sessions with Dedicated Mentor
  • Enjoy one-on-one Mentor support for up to 2 sessions a month for a minimum of 4 months. 
  • Access to Online Dashboard to review session notes, journal application, and mentoring files.
  • Mentoring delivered via Telephone or by Zoom Application. 
  • A great choice for your first step into Life Coaching or for on going Mentor support.