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Frequently Asked Questions


How is your Life Coaching Program designed?

Kelly designs her Programs to be unique to the individual. First, she gains a big picture perspective of your life; finding out where you’ve been, where you want to go, and the concerns you have in your life today. From this deep place, we will co-design a coaching program that will best support you to reach your goals, becoming self-aware and helps to answer your current life questions.

She will focus on two major capabilities: to reflect on what you are doing (“self-observation”) and make desired changes (new “practices”).

Self Observation includes reflecting on your internal thoughts, feelings and values; your habitual behaviors and how they impact you and others; and increasing your awareness of the tools and resources you have available to you.

Practices are regular routines—simple or complex–like rising to an alarm or training for a marathon. Practices are specific, concrete, new ways of working and living that you’ll take on regularly between our visits and form the bulk of your growth.

What Do We Expect of Our Clients?

Curiosity. The personal desire for change. Commitment to action. Courage to fail.

How does coaching work?

We start with an initial assessment meeting that lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. After the initial meeting, we provide a draft coaching plan, complete with initial self-observations and practices, which acts as a springboard as we co-create your unique coaching plan. We begin meeting regularly, usually once every two weeks, with assignments and touch-base emails and phone calls in between, as needed.

How long does a coaching program usually take?

Typically six months to 1 year. When we meet, how often, and how long depends on our schedules and the areas you are most interested want to develop.

Can you do it faster?

Like yesterday? The substantive change means uncovering and practicing new ways of doing things. That takes time. If we look at a shorter timeframe, desired results need to be achievable within that timeframe. From a practical point, we specify in the coaching agreement the number of sessions and what outcomes you want to achieve.

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