The GPP: Envisioning Hurricane Joaquin Aid For The Victims

“Envisioning a Wave of Aid and Comfort
To The Victims Of Hurricane

On Sunday, hurricane Joaquin dropped 24 inches of rain on parts of South Carolina, ripping out bridges and washing away roads. Called a thousand year flood by the State’s governor, the water from numerous rivers are still causing flash floods and danger as they race southward.

Join us as we seek to create a wave of awareness and blessing uplifting the people in need after hurricane Joaquin.

Suggested Prayer


“We prayerfully envision a wave of understanding and inspiration uplifting all aid workers and decision makers throughout the devastation in South Carolina.  Further, we see all individuals affected by this crisis imbued with a sense of peace and guidance as they deal with the aftermath of the damage and loss of life. In gratitude, we hold that this wave of comfort and aide is occurring right now, all across this embattled state.”

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