We need your help as we grow with new projects and provide a platform for learning and teaching.  With your support, we can provide a place for deep study and connection as a community.  Your donation will facilitate The Global Prayer Project, Celestinevision.com, the CV Community Radio Show, and all that is to come.

Alongside The Global Prayer Project, it is our goal to design an inclusive area (coming this spring) where we can talk as a community.  Here we could ignite ideas, share common goals, and encourage one another.  It is important to belong to a community of authentically spiritual people.

Ultimately, as a fellowship, we aim to lead global change in an effort to organize large groups in prayer. Bringing this spiritual awareness to our world would be dynamic to those (especially our young people) in need of comfort and fellowship.

Thank you, all for your love, support, and continued interest in our adventures, as I know many of you have been a part of this group for a long time. This mission has been made possible because of your everlasting faith in the human spiritual journey. I hope you continue to find joy during this process of study. We pray you find new friends and fulfillment on your journey as God offers prosperity for your life.

A Shared Mission:
Together we learn to live with a higher Consciousness and discover a mission that becomes our personal contribution to the world.



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