v-036James Redfield

I grew up a searcher.  From an early age, I can remember desiring a more complete answer to life’s more puzzling questions. Sure everyone knows we have to grow up, find a way to make a living, take care of our kids, and seek a better world. But there were larger questions and no one was talking about them: Why are we here in this life in the first place? And why is life, at times, so hard?

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v-020Salle Redfield

I am an author, the co-founder of The Global Prayer Project, a Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara certified life coach, and a graduate of the University of Alabama. I have been a partner in marriage, publishing, and life with James Redfield for over 20 years.

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IMG_4398Kelly Whitworth

I have questioned the direction of my life for as long as I can remember.  Early on, I tried several paths for work (mainly in the arts and service) but I never became entirely defined by any one passion.  I always loved seeking out adventure and new experiences, but I had a hard time making a choice when I wanted to try everything.

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I’m the newest member of the Celestine Vision Team, but I am not new to the Celestine Prophecy. I read the Celestine Prophecy, as many did, 20 years ago, and have followed the journey through the sequels, right up through the Twelfth Insight. After reading the Twelfth, I had a huge craving (calling?) to connect with others who were also interested in discussing and living the insights.

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