(June 21 – July 22)

With all this Aries energy in Mercury and Venus for awhile you Cancers will have to needle point or rehab a room or two. And later in this Solar Cycle Mars will be in Cancer and you know the trouble Mars can bring particularly to you lunar-ruled mamas and papas. I am reminded by the smartest Jungian professor who said that “the difficult times–transits and movement in the outer world–teach us more than ease and comfort ever will.”

Your best lunar days this Solar Cycle are afternoon of April 28, 29 and morning of the 30th; afternoon of May 3, May 4 under the New Moon at 14 degrees of Taurus; May 8, 9 until 10: 06 PM EDT; May 12 and 13; May 16, 17 and Blue Full Moon on May 18.  

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