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Feeling the Mayan Calendar Predictions? Tune in! | 3.22.11
I've now completed more than half the cites on our initial Twelfth Insight book tour, and the most common comment from readers is this: We're already feeling the phenomenon you're pointing out.

Much has happened since the release - the full-scale democracy movement in the Middle East, and earthquakes and tremors in the active "ring of fire" region around the Pacific Ocean, especially the terrible one in Japan. In light of these events, discussions with readers have focused on the fact, coming from the best scholarship on the Mayan Calendar, that this calendar does not foresee the end of the world. And thus, the seismic events should not be seen as an apocalyptic sign. CONTINUE »

Special Series: Countdown to the 12th Insight
The Twelfth Insight and Social Reform | 2.11.11
As I write this, the television is showing shots of Tahrir Square in Cairo filled with thousands of people shouting and jubilant in the street. Egyptian president Mubarak has just stepped down, and approximately two hundred thousand people are chanting in unison: "We ousted Mubarak! We ousted Mubarak!" CONTINUE »

Truth, Karma and Reform | 2.7.11
So we're up to Countdown Article number #3, and I'm sitting at my computer wondering how best to get started. I made a decision at the beginning of this series of articles to "tell it like it is," as the saying goes, about where so many of us are in these weird times. And they are weird, aren't they? CONTINUE »

Integrating Spiritual Experience | 1.31.11
I was being interviewed by phone on the Steve Maraboli radio show and the questions were coming in hot and heavy: What exactly was this emerging Twelfth Insight? How do you know it is happening? What does it feel like? CONTINUE »

Countdown to the 12th Insight | 1.24.11
I walked out of the airport and jumped into a car, heading for the first meeting with my publisher since the Twelfth Insight had been turned in &Mdash; and I was feeling mildly anxious. The novel had already been set for publication (February 15, 2011) and they seemed to like the book very much. Still they had questions, and who could blame them? CONTINUE »

'The Celestine Vision'

The awakening I have illustrated in the Celestine novels has extended the reach of our consciousness from a tribal to national, to a planetary and cosmic outlook, breaking free from a world view that for centuries pushed the mysterious from our lives. Acting on the feeling that something has always been missing in life, humanity in now shaking off the illusion that we live in a dead, material universe. CONTINUE »

2012: The Energetic Countdown is Happening Now
Many of you have heard me mention, in the Global Prayer Project sessions, the name of Carl Johan Calleman. In my opinion, he is the Mayan Calender expert with the most accurate information about the Calendar's predictions. He says three things I believe each of us must ACT ON NOW. One, the predictions have nothing to do with the end of human existence; this is Hollywood hype. The predictions are about helping us move into a higher spiritual consciousness. Two, the energies predicted by the Mayans are coming in already, and they peak, not on December 21, 2012, but on October 28, 2011. And Three, the energies are accelerating, with a pulse hitting us now, beginning NOVEMBER 8, 2009. CONTINUE »

'The Message of the Movie'
I believe that most everyone who came of age in the last few decades is a movie fan. Why? Because in those decades the art of movie making reached its peak. Certainly lovers of vintage films might argue with me on this, believing that older films are better and that the recent age of blockbusters and visual effects have ruined the art, accounting for what is undeniably a downturn in movie attendance. CONTINUE »

How to Watch the Celestine Prophecy Movie
If you are like millions of us out there, your investigation of your inner spirituality began with books and scriptures and other descriptions of the spiritual life. Yet what you already know somewhere inside you--and what I believe will be looked upon as the grand insight of our time--is that spirituality is first and foremost a set of elusive and transcendent experiences.CONTINUE »

Moving into Creativity
Ever feel flat, dead in the water. Skeptical about whether your own dreams are valid, and will ever come true. Everyone does. Last month, I discussed how the universe around us is in reality a vast energy system that responds to our beliefs and expectations. If prayer works, and scientific research now confirms that it does, then all of our thoughts, conscious or not, are prayers that go out and bring to us exactly what we think will happen.

Why Prayer Is Necessary
When we think of prayer, questions always arise. If the divine creator behind this world is omnipotent, wouldn't this Being know what is needed before we do and give it to us? Why doesn't he? What is the purpose of prayer?

Some spiritual traditions deal with this issue by assuming God requires prayer as a test of loyalty or conviction before help is granted. Other traditions hold that prayer is merely an exercise in communication and reverent listening, and that all outcomes follow some divine plan and are outside our influence anyway. CONTINUE »

The Emergence of Worldwide Prayer Networks
I recently had a friend tell me that I'd better be careful with my emphasis on following Synchronicity, because he had often experienced 'false synchronicities' -- events that seem to point toward a certain course of action but that later went nowhere, or worse, turned negative. I responded with my sincere belief that synchronicities are never false; it is our interpretations of those events that turn out to be hasty or self-serving. I believe that circumstances come together and get our attention to bring us a message. Unfortunately we often miss it altogether or see it only much later. That's why truly following a flow of synchronicity in our lives, while representing a more actualized level of human functioning, is still, at best, a kind detective story into ourselves. CONTINUE »


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