Volunteer With Us!

With over 27 million copies of The Celestine Prophecy sold and its worldwide success spanning generations, we know there are millions of us who are currently reaching out with a desire to nurture peaceful living.

Our international movement aligns to the spiritual Insights shared in James’ work, and aims to uphold a sacred space, through which we can come together to share our energy, our personal talents, and our spiritual understandings. We have reached the Critical Mass. We do not have to wait any longer for enough ‘spiritual kernels to pop’. The Time is Now, and we just need to elevate our vibrational frequency above the madness that’s out there and unite in harmony. This evolution will not be televised in the mainstream, so here, we offer into the universe everything we can to nurture the realization of next stage in human evolution: The Golden Age of Peace.

Individually, we yearn for the freedom to share our enthusiasm for the things that inspire us, and many want to actively participate in bringing about peace. At the CV, we recognise that Peace must be held internally for it to be exhibited externally, so we seek to assist however we can to foster inner peace during turbulent times, and we are constantly pouring our energy into our content and upcoming initiatives.