(April 20 – May 20)

Both the New Moon in Cancer and the Full Moon in Capricorn will lift your spirits and fill your coffers if you work diligently for those rewards. Sun/Mercury in Cancer will add to your exhilaration. Venus in Taurus until the 4th of July will complete your astrological Trifecta.  But there’s more. Mars in Cancer through this celestial month will be icing on the cake. We can think of any time in recent memory that any sign had the Zodiac spread stacked in their favor as do you Bulls at this time.

Caution: Never take anything for granted. Don’t say “Yes” to all offers. And not least, don’t eat yourself into bigger drawers or a dress size. But the understated outside assistance from Pluto in Capricorn will thrill you beyond words. (Psst: Don’t ignore the words of caution).

These horoscope entries are general aspects for all of us. To get specific insights about your personal astrological birth book a private astro-intuitive session on Skype or to inquire about the Sedona Intensive program please contact info@sedonaintensive.com or call 800-647-0732.

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