(December 22 –January 19)

February 28, 2008 Pluto went back into Capricorn after going back and forth in Sagittarius. The meltdown on Wall Street and banks started when Pluto first went into Capricorn on January 28, 2008. Pluto will enter Aquarius on February 23 2023, which gives Capricorns keeper of the mass reconstruction from ground up if any democracies are to survive.

The total time for Pluto in Capricorn will be 15 years that the Goat has had to persevere and be the solid foundation upon we must rebuild. Pluto is the natural ruling planet for Scorpio, which is known to have to contend with a lot of pain and suffering and reconstruction. This month, Goats, stick to your assignment and thank God as much for what you don’t have as for what you are responsible for.

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