(May 21- June 20)

On June 29th your ruling planet Mercury goes into Leo, a sign most fortunate for you. Be aware that at the end of July it goes retrograde which makes for ups and downs and cautions flags for all signs. July 19 Venus goes into Virgo, a sign that squares you. Gemini is loosey-goosey and Virgo is uptight and meticulous.

But the brilliance of astrology is that we learn from each other and particularly when planets go into signs that challenge us. Mars in Aquarius, another Air Sign, also can aid and abet your carefully laid plans. Always for you Twins, talk it over and let the kinder, softer and more balanced one run the show this month. 

These daily horoscope entries are general aspects for all of us. To get specific insights about your personal astrological birth book a private astro-intuitive session on Skype or to inquire about the Sedona Intensive program please contact info@sedonaintensive.com or call 928-301-0780. Copyright © 2015 Albert Clayton Gaulden

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