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Ever feel flat, dead in the water. Skeptical about whether your own dreams are valid, and will ever come true. Everyone does. Last month, I discussed how the universe around us is in reality a vast energy system that responds to our beliefs and expectations. If prayer works, and scientific research now confirms that it does, then all of our thoughts, conscious or not, are prayers that go out and bring to us exactly what we think will happen.  

Most of us have heard some version of this idea for years. It is the heart of the mystics' idea that faith can move mountains, and the basic belief of many traditional religions that prayer is important. This idea has always flown in the face of the materialistic view of the universe that has reigned supreme for five hundred years. We have all been schooled that the world is an ordered place made up of dead matter where nothing as mysterious as prayer or mental power could possibly be happening. Many of us have practiced our faiths in spite of that. But in the back of our minds there has always remained a doubt.

That's why it is so important that research is now opening to the idea of an energy dynamic universe that not only responds to our outlook, but is specifically designed to do this. We live in a world that is actually a dream factory, a place to learn how to manifest what our highest self wants for us in this life. This is a truth that is now emerging in human understanding, and will ultimately unleash a surge of spiritual creativity that will quickly transform the world.

The problem is that we are only now beginning to grasp how this dream factory works. Clearly we can find ourselves dead in the water, our lives going nowhere, our aspirations on hold. What goes wrong?

Here is what I believe we are now coming to understand. First, we have to shift to an increased level of energy. This begins with more live, green and raw foods, less sugar (that includes sweet fruits), and no alcohol. Feeling OK you say. I'm talking about feeling an enhanced body energy that most of us haven't experienced since childhood, yet is possible at any age.

This level of energy brings us closer to another level. Opening us to the flow of divine energy that waits for us. How do we do this? Read the mystics. Knock on the door. Meditate. Walk in sacred, beautiful places. It is your birthright, and the energy of love will begin to flow into you if you intend for it to happen and persist, persist, persist.

When this opening occurs, it will be unmistakable. You will have experienced a new, higher self, complete with a feeling of peace, of being cared for, and the ability to look at your habits of thought from a higher perspective. What will you see? The guilt-tripping attitude of a poor me, or perhaps the self protective vagueness of an aloof, the critical judgementalness of an interrogator, or the angry outburst of an intimidator. All of these habits come from a certain expectation of the world. The Poor Me expects to be abused, unless he guilt-trips. The Aloof expects to be criticized unless vague about who he is. The Interrogator expects the world to collapse in chaos, unless he keeps everyone straight. And the Intimidator expects to be hurt unless he strikes out first.

And because they all have these expectations, the world delivers just these conditions over and over, keeping life going in a vicious cycle, and true dreams unrealized. Yet all it takes to break out is to stay in a higher self awareness of them. Soon intuition will take over and each of us moves into another discovery. A vision comes to mind of something else we want to do. Our dream is born.

We catch a glimpse of something we want to do in the world, and if we stay in this place it continues to evolve. Our intuitions come in as images of us saying something, going somewhere, or pursuing some particular information or study, and if we follow them expecting our paths to continue, magic coincidences happen to lead us farther along a path.

But again, what about this feeling of it all suddenly stopping, this sense of being dead in the water? This sometimes happens to each of us. We seem off track. I believe in most cases this situation occurs because of one simple mistake. We make a negative interpretation of an event in our lives. We seem to be flowing fine, following our highest intuition, when all of a sudden something happens that stumps us. The company get sold and we lose our jobs. A business associate turns out to be a crook. The project we believe in gets a poor response from the public. We get sick.

These are the tests that determine whether we really believe the world is there to fulfill our dreams. If we turn the slightest bit negative, the world responds and shifts to bring us what we seem to want. More negativity. Ever notice that bad luck comes in threes? It takes that long to turn it around sometimes.

The key to staying in a high state of creativity is to catch ourselves every time we have a negative thought, whether its our resurgent control drama (our habitual way of thinking negatively) or some new fear about our path. We must search anew for a positive interpretation about the challenging event. We have to look for the silver lining in what is occurring. Focus until you find it. It will always be a message to change direction, sometimes dramatically.

If it involves another person. Avoid criticisms. See that person getting in touch with their best intuition, moving in a positive direction, finding their less fearful path.

Most of all, remember the design of the universe. It is there to respond, as though we are living in a movie we direct. It will always give us exactly what we expect.


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