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The Twelfth Insight

Countdown to the Twelfth Insight
February 11, 2011

As I write this, the television is showing shots of Tahrir Square in Cairo filled with thousands of people shouting and jubilant in the street. Egyptian president Mubarak has just stepped down, and approximately two hundred thousand people are chanting in unison: "We ousted Mubarak! We ousted Mubarak!"

An expert commentator is saying, "This is as significant as the fall of the Soviet Union: A spontaneous call for democratic reform!"

A quick glance at my inbox reveals what I had a hunch might be there, a short comment by Carl Johan Calleman on the Egyptian phenomenon, saying that while this was not part of the surge in spiritual consciousness the Mayans were predicting, it is the first seeding of this surge, and amazing in itself. The real stuff, he continues, is going to be felt beginning on March 8, 2011, as a wave that builds in steps until it flashes complete and lasts through the Mayan calendar's best known end date of December 21, and beyond.

Calleman has become famous because he predicted the beginning of the world-wide financial collapse in 2007 with his interpretation of the Calendar's dates. And he agrees with me that the predicted consciousness will not be imposed. We have to learn to "tune" into this new level of spirituality. This "tuning" in process is exactly what I believe is already happening, and that I am calling a Twelfth Insight: the rise of a new clarity about how to live our spirituality at a new, down-to-earth level.

Are you interested in the "law of attraction" but not certain if our knowledge is complete? Do you know there is a "Secret" to manifesting our dreams, but feel we’re only now beginning to understand exactly how it is done? If you were in Egypt are you wondering if you would have dared to join in?

If so, then you’re beginning to "tune in" as well. And guess what? Every major religion has small enclaves of people lifting into this exact consciousness at the same time. In fact, as we begin to see a more lived spirituality across many religious traditions, we can say there is an "authentic spirituality" being demonstrated now for all to see.

Moreover, it is becoming clear that this common discovery of something deeper across major religions is already beginning to bridge the gap and competition between these traditions. In other words, spirituality at the level of direct experience feels the same for all of us, and so "feeling it" for ourselves is the new value.

At the same time, the Mayan Calendar is telling us something more: that regardless of religious preference, it's about to get easier to "tune in" than ever before. Why? Because the more people who do it, the more this consciousness becomes the norm in human culture, and thus, the easier (and more accepted) it will be for any one individual to take the step themselves.

In earlier articles, I have talked about how this "tuning in" feels. Every tradition speaks of the "fruits" of the spiritual life, and each emphasizes individual aspects of these fruits, but in a sense, as we embrace this "Authentic Spirituality," we are integrating all the different points of view into one common experience.

First and foremost, we get an inner feeling of Love and Peace from a higher Divine Connection. But we also get other, more esoteric perceptions as well: a psychological alignment with the Karmic design of the Universe, so that our goals and dreams begin to work at a more miraculous level; a guiding intuition that can be counted on to put us in the right place to live a flow of rich Synchronicity; and most profoundly, we get a nagging sense of something we are supposed to do in the world to make it better.

This nagging urge to do something is what the early bloggers and tweeters felt, as they helped launch the Egyptian call for democratic reform. And it's the reason so many people all over the planet look at what is happening with such hope. Yet, we all worry at the same time. What if the extremists on both sides take over and hijack the effort and return the country to dictatorship? What if the larger world powers don't support the effort enough?

Yet this worrying is just one more hint that the urge is building within all of us to go do something ourselves. God knows there is a lot wrong with the world. But the message of the Twelfth Insight is that we can do it. There is help coming, more than at any other time in history. Go ahead. Prove it for yourself. Tune in!

All it takes is the smallest knock on the door.

—James Redfield, February 11, 2011

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