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Hot-Air-Balloon-Flying-over-Dr-63077551Ever feel flat and dead in the water? Doubtful about whether your dreams are valid and will ever come true? Well, we have all been in this place. But more and more, we’re understanding that there is another life waiting for us. I believe we can prove to ourselves that the universe around us is, in reality, a vast energy system that responds to our beliefs and expectations. If PRAYER works, and scientific research confirms that it does, then all of our thoughts (conscious or not) are expectations that go out and bring to us exactly what we think will happen.  In other words, we are learning that our expectation matters.

Prayer Visualization And The  Miracle Universe

Most of us have already heard some version of this truth. The core of most spiritual belief is that faith can move mountains. And for many traditional religions, faith power is an essential idea. But in the materialistic view of the universe this idea is not only doubted, but ridiculed.

The materialistic view of the world states that we live in a universe made up of dead matter and claims nothing as mysterious as prayer or mental power is occurring. Many of us have practiced our faiths in spite of that. But the force of science has created some doubt in everyone’s mind.

That is why this moment has become so important to all of us. New research is now acknowledging the idea of an energetic and dynamic universe that not only responds to our outlook, but is explicitly designed to do so. We actually live in a Miracle Universe — a place where we can discover what our soul wants to create and learn how to use prayer and intention to actualize this dream.

Entering the Miracle Universe

For most of us, entering the Miracle Universe is just a matter of setting new expectations.  I believe we are collectively realizing that we have to shift to an increased level of energy. This includes making changes at the physical level.  Eating for taste is giving way to eating for energy.  That means taking in more green, organic, raw foods; consuming less sugar and alcohol, and getting enough sleep.

Feeling fine, you say? Well, I am talking about feeling more than fine, where we experience an enhanced physical energy that most of us have not experienced since childhood.  New research by integrative physicians into super-nutrition has made this level of energy achievable at any age.

But an even higher energy lies beyond the physical.  A flow of Divine Energy awaits each and every one of us. How do we find this flow? Set a prayer intention for it.  Believe that your expectations matter. It is your birthright to obtain this remarkable Connection.  Practice being grateful in advance.  Walk around in sacred, beautiful places.  The light will come down. The energy of Divine Love will begin to flow into you, and you will feel true Spirituality.

Gaining Awareness To What Holds You Back

When this opening occurs, it will be unmistakable. You will experience a new, enhanced self. One that is instantly complete with a feeling of peace, and security.  A new level of Intelligence will come into you.  And one more thing: you will gain the ability to look at your old behaviors and habits of thought from a greater perspective. What will you see? Quite possibly, you will behold your own CONTROL DRAMA, your habitual way of trying to gain energy from others, rather than from your inner Divine.  Do you see the guilt-tripping attitude of the Poor Me, the self-protective vagueness of the Aloof, the critical and self-righteous behaviors of the Interrogator or the angry outbursts of the Intimidator?

All of these habits come from a specific expectation about the world. The Poor Me expects to be ignored by others, so they guilt-trip. The Aloof expects to be criticized, unless they are vague about who they are. The Interrogator expects the world to collapse into chaos unless they keep everyone straight. And the Intimidator expects to be hurt unless he strikes first.

Each category of expectation creates the very events that are expected, over and over, keeping their lives perpetually moving in a vicious cycle, while their real dreams remain unrealized.

Yet, never has it been so easy to break through these habits of thought and step into the Miracle Universe.  It is right here, waiting for us.  All we have to do is believe that it exists… and then practice seeking it.


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March 22, 2015
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