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Now Is the Time

For the first time in history, people are focusing on the true experiences of Spirituality:  A peacefulness in all situations;  a new sense of intuitive guidance that comes from a Divine Connection within; and a flow of Synchronicity that brings solutions, opportunities, and a personal mission.  Life becomes easier and more fulfilling.  Now more than ever, we are talking about these discoveries in mass numbers, and as we engage together, we are not only transforming our individual lives, but we are making the world better.

No matter what your age or background might be, if you find yourself on this site, then perhaps the Synchronicity of your life has brought you here for a purpose.

  The Celestine Prophecy

syn__0011_celestineprophecyThis website encompasses the spiritual beliefs and ideas in The Celestine Prophecy Series of Books. These books were my attempt to describe, over a number of years, 12 insights humanity was embracing as our spiritual search was intensifying.

These insights have been coming into human awareness for a long time, but began to be grasped in a mass way in the late 1950s.  They started with the First Insight  becoming  aware of Synchronicity –then proceeded one after the other though 2011, when we began to experience the 12th Insight.  With this final understanding, I believe all the information necessary to tune into our innate Spiritual Consciousness became manifest in the world.

Now, all we have to do to gain all the benefits of Spiritual Connection is to decide to fully embrace this part of life.  And that means talking to each other about our experiences, and spreading this Consciousness all over the world — as something real and life enhancing.  What we all are discovering is that Spiritual Connection  is contagious! When more of us individually download a fuller Spirituality,  it instantly makes it easier for everyone else to also tune in.  It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the world.

Expect Real Spiritual Experiences That Enhance Your Life

As you pursue spirituality personally, you can expect very specific experiences.

1) A Flow of Synchronicity

Mysterious coincidences will open up your life  by bringing you new information and opportunities that feel miraculous.  With practice, your Synchronistic flow will guide you past what is holding you back and lead you on a path toward your destined LIFE PURPOSE.

2) A Guiding Intuition: For a Higher Quality of Life

Through practice you will become aware of certain thoughts that come to you with a hint of inspiration or higher purpose.  This is your Intuitive faculty of mind that is there to guide and direct your life.  When you learn to follow these hunches, you will be moved to do something or go somewhere where a mysterious Synchronicity can take place that gives us information at just the right time.

3) An Awareness of What Holds You Back

Spiritual growth will not move forward until each of us understands the habits and distractions that keep us trapped in a life of fear or anger.  Be confident!  Transcending your old self is easier than you think.  This website is dedicated to helping you break through these defenses and realize your true spiritual essence and Divine Connection.

4) A Life of Purpose

Regardless of your age, you will discover something inspiring to do to make the world better.  It could be a way of volunteering, a new career path, a project, or a business you want to initiate.

5) A Sense of Inner Security

When we genuinely seek a deeper spirituality, we will find it.   This Divine Connection produces a “Peace that Surpasses all Understanding.”  Living from a place of inner security will always bring an enhanced life.

How To Get Started:

1) Read the articles by James or from other timely sources.  Our challenge each day is to fully live our spirituality in all situations.   To help with this, we have included information in the Following key areas of life:  


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I hope you are inspired to reach toward your dreams and live with unrestricted health.  Learning to live consciously will effectively lead you to your greatest self.  Become aware, hold the vision, look for Synchronicity and TRUST  IT.

Blessings on your journey,


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