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Insights for Inspired Living: Now Is the Time

The two most important days in your life are the day
 you were born and the day you find out why.
 -Mark Twain 

Never before has there been more knowledge available for personal and spiritual growth.  Why? Because people everywhere are searching for a more inspired and meaningful life — and finding it.  The truth is out! In spite of the conflict and fear in the world, we sense that our lives matter, and if we all envision a greater mission for ourselves.  And as we do this together, we can download an energy that can not only transform our individual lives, but quickly change the world for the better.

No matter your age or background, if you find yourself on this site, then perhaps the Synchronicity of your life has brought you here for a purpose.

  The Celestine Prophecy

syn__0011_celestineprophecyThis website encompasses the spiritual beliefs and ideas in The Celestine Prophecy series of books.  I wrote these books to report on what I had witnessed occurring in myself and thousands of people all across the planet.  Our unfolding human potential was occurring through a series of Insights.   My point was that these Insights can be grasped and integrated by anyone who looks closely at their own experience, and when we do this, our lives are infused with energy and inspiration.

These insights have been coming into human awareness for a long time, but began to be grasped in a mass way in the late 1950s.  They began with the  First Insight , when we first became aware of Synchronicity, then proceeded one after the other though 2011, when we began to experience the 12th Insight, the final understanding our spiritual potential, in 2012.

Expect Real Spiritual Experiences That Enhance Your Life

As you pursue the Insights personally, you can expect very specific experiences inspiriting your life.  Here are a few:

1) A Flow of Synchronicity

Mysterious coincidences will remarkably be presented to you with information and opportunities that feel miraculous.  With practice, your Synchronistic flow will guide you past what is holding you back and lead you on a path toward your destined LIFE PURPOSE.

2) A Guiding Intuition: For a Higher Quality of Life

-With practice, a larger sense of “knowing” comes to our minds. (Intuitions)
-Intuitions form the ideas that inspire us to “do something.”
-Follow your intuition.  This provides inner confidence to solve your problems.
-Overcome your obstacles.  This will move you toward your destined life purpose and bring you all the joy that comes with an enlightened life.

3) An Awareness of What Holds You Back

Spiritual growth will not move forward until each of us understands the habits and distractions that keep us trapped in a life of fear or anger.  Be confident!  Transcending your old self is easier than you think.  This website is dedicated to helping you break through these defenses and realize your true spiritual essence and Divine Connection.

4) A Life of Purpose

Regardless of your age, you will discover something inspiring to do to make the world better.  It could be a way of volunteering, a new career path, a project or business you want to initiate.

5) A Sense of Inner Security

When we genuinely seek a deeper spirituality, we will find it.   This Divine Connection produces a “Peace that Surpasses all Understanding.”  Living from a place of inner security will always bring an enhanced life.

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I hope you are inspired to reach towards your lofty dreams and live with unrestricted health.  Learning to live consciously will effectively lead you to your greatest self.  Become aware, hold the vision, look for Synchronicity and TRUST  IT.


 Blessings on your journey,


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